Spectainer SERVICES

Opening new revenue streams

Our franchised “collapsing-as-a-service” model drives efficiency, ensures COLLAPSECON is fully integrated into the supply chain and opens new lines of revenue for logistics operators.

Our “collapsing-as-a-service” model drives efficiency allowing for rapid scalability.

Spectainer can manage your entire COLLAPSECON and COS fleet ensuring cost savings, productivity gains and reduced CO2 emissions are fully optimised while allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Our online spare parts order/dispatch portal will quickly have containers back in service, generating revenues with minimal delays.

Calculate your emissions and cost savings using our on-line “Emissions & Economic Calculator”. Your CO2 emission and cost savings are reflected using the Spectainer ‘ Eco-system' as an alternative to conventional containers.

Our repair and maintenance management team can manage the entire process on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on your key business objectives.

24/7 Customer Service Centre established to support our global Customers.

Our all-in-one IoT data reporting provides real-time critical information ensuring fleet optimisation and all times.

Our Customer/Partnership program in new product development accelerates your ability to implement the technology faster and deliver substantial economic, productivity and environmental benefits.

On-line Customer/Vendor portal providing secure access to our Customers.


Empowering the entire supply chain.

The Spectainer Ecosystem positively impacts the entire global supply chain, cutting operating costs, optimising productivity, and reducing environmental impacts.

It’s a Simple, Efficient, Affordable, Safe, Sustainable and Scalable solution across the door-to-door spectrum of activity that is easily adaptable at scale for single customers, specific trade lanes, geographic areas, or on a global basis.

Shipping Line

Not only will shipping lines see significant operational efficiencies from integrating Spectainer, but they can also see up to a 40% reduction in container operating expenses.

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Shippers & Cosignees

Spectainer provides shippers with a cost-efficient solution to maintain visibility across their entire supply chain and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Infrastructure & Ports

Spectainer’s franchise “collapsing-as-a-service” model opens a valuable new revenue stream for logistics operators and increases health and safety with its stand-back collapsing functionality.

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