Spectainer and Nexxiot to deliver Visibility and Sustainability on COLLAPSECON

Visibility and sustainability in the supply chain are enabled with smart, foldable containers.

Spectainer, the global market leader for foldable containers, has partnered with Nexxiot to enable real-time visibility of their entire fleet of COLLAPSECON containers.

COLLAPSECON are intermodal containers that cleverly fold up using a fully-automated station so that each empty unit can be collapsed independently and then combined to form a single shipping container. This approach significantly reduces the cost and environmental impact of shipping by improving vessel slot efficiency, port lifting, vessel wharfing time, yard storage space, trucking, and handling.

Millions of shipping containers are carried across the world and at least a third are empty while in transit, wasting space, time, and resources due to trade imbalances in the market.

With the containers now upgraded with Nexxiot’s latest Asset Intelligence technology, the COLLAPSECON fleet is easily monitored across the entire journey from origin to destination and back again. This enables complete visibility which provides insights and automated handling processes to optimize operations, increase cargo safety, enhance the shipping experience for the cargo owner and lead the race to sustainable maritime shipping.

The partnership’s efforts are enhanced through active collaborations with clients, who prioritize sustainability, cost reduction, and cargo safety as core anchors in their product life cycle, and depend on shipping technologies, such as smart containers to reach their goals.

“Shippers expect their cargo to be safe throughout its journey and that’s why we have partnered with Nexxiot,” said Nicholas Press, CEO of Spectainer. “Cargo owners and carriers need cargo visibility, in real-time, from anywhere in the world to drive efficiency and process automation. Nexxiot’s technology mitigates risk to people, infrastructure, and cargo while reducing emissions and waste. This makes them a strong partner to equip the COLLAPSECON, providing clients with the visibility they need on a global scale.”

“The partnership with Spectainer will have a long-lasting impact,” said Stefan Kalmund, Nexxiot’s CEO. “The technologies and processes developed by our companies will benefit both the longevity of the supply chain industry and the well-being of our environment through lowering the consumption of resources and capital expenditures, maximizing profits, and addressing the need for carbon footprint mitigation. These innovations will drive a technological maritime revolution in the race for smart, clean transportation.”

About Spectainer:

Spectainer is pioneering the future of global trade by creating innovative and practical solutions to evolve the shipping and logistics sector.

About Nexxiot:

Nexxiot is a TradeTech pioneer for Asset Intelligence with a mission to enable easier, safer, and cleaner global transportation.

Nexxiot’s trusted integrated technology provides essential operational intelligence and visibility for shipping lines, cargo owners, and railcar operators in the supply chain. Clients and partners such as Hapag-Lloyd and Knorr-Bremse are now able to monitor their assets in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Headquartered in Zurich, Nexxiot operates throughout Europe and the U.S., with an international team of employees from 30 countries.

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Administrative Manager

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