Product Engineer- COLLAPSECON

Role Purpose

The Product Engineer – COLLAPSECON is responsible for developing concepts and designs for the range of COLLAPSECON collapsible containers under guidance of the Product Lead – COLLAPSECON.

The Product Engineer – COLLAPSECON is to collaborate with the design team and vendors to resolve mechanical, structural and manufacturing issues, implement improvements in existing mechanisms in the COLLAPSECON assembly, device and inspection; execute detailed engineering design, preparing 3D auto-cad modelling and manufacturing documentation, working closely with Product Development team to review FEA, standard, modification, specification, parts, quality, and certification to ensure that all dynamical and automated parts are meeting Company’s commercial and operational objectives.

The Product Engineer – COLLAPSECON is responsible for innovating new designs and/or enhancing existing products to optimize the products operational efficiency and safety requirements under the guidance of the Product Lead. Additional responsibilities include assisting in essential durability assessment and testing to ensure COLLAPSECON meets the useful lifecycle before mass manufacturing as well as supporting and/or conducting onsite commissioning as well as other projects or assignments as directed by Company. This could include providing support to cross-functional project management, research & development, production, and operations.

Reporting to:     Product Lead – COLLAPSECON

Location:            Singapore

Role Accountabilities

Product Engineering:

  • Support the development of Spectainer’s COLLAPSECON design, prepare technical drawing, specification, bill of material, prepared parts list, maintenance manuals and repair tariff, and testing requirements to ensure the COLLAPSECON meets the durability and operating standard, and conform with the onsite safety standard under guidance of the Product Lead.
  • Assist in developing new design concepts, innovate new and existing products, and optimize systems before mass manufacturing.
  • Assist in the durability assessments of all OEM parts and components to ensure the components/parts able to meet the useful life of company objectives to reduce maintenance or replacement expenditure.
  • Obtain technical data, operating manual, and parts list from suppliers on the mechanical components/parts with COLLAPSECON to support the M&R team in implementing maintenance program onsite.
  • Assist in the provision of cross-functions support to ensure the COLLAPSECON is successfully implemented.
  • Assist in the provision of onsite training to operators and supervise the entire set-up process to ensure the COLLAPSECON is fully operable and commissioned.

Your day-to-day duties will typically consist of:

  • Developing design concepts, innovating new and existing products and optimizing systems for mass manufacturing.
  • Assisting in R&D activities in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Liaising with Product Lead – COS and Product Engineer – COS as well as outside stakeholders to ensure that design outputs meet the requirements of all interested parties.
  • Liaising with suppliers for design and construction information and documentation.
  • Partaking in the analysis of research data and proposed product specifications to determine feasibility of designs.
  • Drafting technical documentation including manufacturing and quality assurance drawings assemblies and components in addition to other clerical and document control activities.
  • Using computer aided engineering and design software and equipment to perform drafting and design.
  • Assisting in the experimental test programs to ensure designs meet final product specifications.
  • Analysing test data and technical reports to determine if current and/or new designs and products meet functional and performance specifications.

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering. With a specialisation in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Experience with 3D CAD systems and FEM analysis packages

Key Skills:

  • Focus on results – Orientation, profitability, and performance
  • Self-starter – Ability to take responsibility for adherence to timelines and project management plan.
  • Collaboration – Work effectively with internal and external stakeholders; seek and provide help to colleagues
  • Ability to proactively plan effectively and deliver outcomes in a competitive business environment.
  • Strong conceptual and analytical skills.

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