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We understand the unique problems of our partners to strategically and operationally drive efficiency, reduce costs and reduce emissions. Our technologies, holistic solutions and collaborative partnerships translate to huge savings for shipping and logistics operators.

Shipping Lines

Solving a US$34 billion problem

Storage and repositioning of empty containers is estimated to cost the industry more than US$34 billion every year.

The ability to stow empty containers below deck on a vessel is an industry first and greatly improves vessel stability as well as reducing down-stream restows, limiting the loss of empties stowed on deck, improving vessel turn-around times, and simplifying vessel planning.

Save up to 40% in costs, increase productivity and cut emissions

Integrating COLLAPSECON solution into your global container fleets can generate up to a 40% reduction in container operating expenses by driving down the cost pressures of empty containers.


Unlike other collapsible containers, COLLAPSECON are simple to operate, with a collapsing time of 2 minutes.


COLLAPSECON allows for 4 empty containers to be loaded in the time and space it would normally take for just 1.


Not only will COLLAPSECON reduce empty container handling costs, it also reduces operating expenses.


With full automation and an operator control room, COLLAPSECON and COS are efficient and 100% safe.

Shippers & Consignees

Sustainable, transparent shipping

COLLAPSECON drives positive environmental change across supply chains, helping to meet important sustainability goals.

With our holistic container solution, you get greater efficiency, less waste and complete visibility of your products, as well as the certainty that you are reducing the environmental impact of your supply chain.

Protecting the environment

Our practical and holistic container solutions are changing the industry and dramatically reducing the impact it has on the environment.


COLLAPSECON reduces trucking and rail activity between empty container parks and container terminals to a carbon emission reduction of ~37% on land.


By carrying COLLAPSECON containers, ships can take fewer empty containers and more cargo. Efficient movement results in an ~17% reduction in carbon emissions.


The time gained in port means vessels can reduce speed without compromising sailing schedules. Reducing the average at-sea rate by 12%.


With reduced space and handling needs, COLLAPSECON substantially lowers carbon emissions.


COLLAPSECON solution allows for 4 empty containers to be loaded in the time and space it would take for just 1.


Container tracking provides complete transparency along the entire supply chain.


Validate data in real-time to generate new operational and environmental efficiencies.

Infrastructure & Ports

Evolving global trade

Innovations led by the ports and terminals can significantly impact efficiency and the bottom line. By adopting Spectainer’s holistic solutions, ports and terminals can expand service streams, increase container throughput and productivity, and reduce land footprint.

Volumes won’t decrease. In fact, volumes and vessel utilisations will remain constant if not grow. However, the combination of full, empty and collapsible ratios may change.


By integrating COS, ports and terminals can expand their service streams to include collapsing-as-a-service


COLLAPSECON’s stand-back functionality means operators can stay safe when combining or separating containers.


Our licensed support services open new opportunities throughout global logistics and supply chains.

Emissions Calculator

Spectainer emissions & cost savings calculator

There are certain key drivers in calculating savings and optimising value proposition. Using our knowledge and experience, we model the key port pairs around the world where rising costs, poor productivity, wasteful emissions and shortages of storage facilities have become most challenging.

Our findings can give you an indication of your possible savings. While collapsing containers 4:1 doesn’t lead directly to a 75% saving, you will be surprised at the substantial benefits Spectainer can deliver to you.

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Savings should be considered as indicative only, please contact Spectainer today to discuss your specific requirements