COLLAPSECON is the next evolution of containers, a collapsible container that will improve operational efficiencies, deliver economic savings and reduce environmental impact across the supply chain, all without requiring a fundamental change to the industry or global trade.


The container evolution is now

While the total container fleet size is growing, innovation has stagnated, creating a $34 billion global headache for the shipping industry.

Container fleets are being stretched beyond their intended life spans and require replacement.

As trade and container fleets continue to grow, the problem will get bigger, more expensive and more environmentally damaging.

Shippers are demanding improved efficiencies and sustainability throughout their supply chains.

What makes COLLAPSECON different

Unlike other collapsible containers, COLLAPSECON is designed to seamlessly integrate into operations at scale, without requiring wholesale change.

External Dimensions COLLAPSECON 40’ HC CONVENTIONAL 40’ HC
Length 12,186 mm 12,192 mm
Width 2,436 mm 2,438 mm
Height 2,894 mm 2,896 mm

Internal Dimensions
Length 11,982 mm 12,036 mm
Width 2,327 mm 2,352 mm
Height 2,735 mm 2,698 mm
Tare Weight 6,445 kgs 4,257 kgs
Tare Weight of a ‘COLLAPSECON Block’* 25,778 kgs N/A
Payload Capacity 26,056 kgs 28,243 kgs
Gross Weight 32,500 kgs 32,500 kgs
Cubic Capacity 76.25 m3 76.31 m3
Container Stack Weight above 382 T 344 T
*4 x COLLAPSECON’s combined into a COLLAPSECON Block for shipment.
No external components
Seamless Fleet Integration
ISO Certified
Standard Tracker Beacon
CSC Certified (Single)
IT Security & Location Services
CSC Certified (Combined)


Efficiency and sustainability

COLLAPSECON delivers substantial economic savings through reduced Empty Park, lifts, storage, transport, and handling costs while simultaneously creating the ability to increase conventional container throughput/revenue.


Empowering the entire supply chain.

The Spectainer Ecosystem positively impacts the entire global supply chain, cutting operating costs, optimising productivity, and reducing environmental impacts.

A Simple, Efficient, Affordable, Safe, Sustainable and Scalable solution across the door-to-door spectrum of activity that is easily adaptable at scale for single customers, specific trade lanes, geographic areas, or on a global basis.

Shipping Line

Shipping lines can gain complete visibility of their container fleet, maximise fleet utilisation, mitigate container loss, and manage fleet repairs.

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Shippers & Cosignees

Spectainer provides shippers with a cost-efficient solution to maintain visibility across their entire supply chain and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Infrastructure & Ports

Spectainer’s franchise “collapsing-as-a-service” model opens a valuable new revenue stream for logistics operators and increases health and safety with its stand-back collapsing functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s true, the concept of collapsible containers is not new. The idea has been around since the late 1980s, and there have been a number of collapsing containers introduced to the global shipping industry, but each of them have inherent limitations in that they require extensive manual intervention which introduces significant personnel health and safety risks into traditionally highly mechanised handling procedures. COLLAPSECON is completely original in design. While most collapsible designs have folded vertically, Spectainer recognised a number of problems associated with the “falling roof” design and developed a horizontally collapsing container with a mechanised operation, removing manual operators from the risk zone and significantly improving the efficiency in collapsing and combining containers.

The design of many collapsible containers has required 3-4 people and a crane to operate, and often have taken 15-20 minutes per unit to collapse, usually by lifting or pushing the container. This caused increased wear and tear and increased safety risks. By comparison, COLLAPSECON has true stand back functionality, is semi-automated and can be collapsed by one person in less than 2 minutes.

Collapsing vertically has its benefits, but strength is not one of them. Given the requirement to position containers anywhere on a vessel, the industry must be confident that a collapsible container can sustain the weight of fully laden boxes both at sea and in the port. Vertically collapsing designs have always had limitations as to their stacking capacity. As COLLAPSECON collapses horizontally and utilises strong end-frames, the container is able to sustain 382T and be positioned anywhere on a vessel (even at the bottom of the stack) in either the single or combined state..

While many designs have achieved the intent of collapsing to a 4-1 ratio, an ongoing limitation has been that they are still treated as individual units. This means they save in storage and transport but are still required to be handled individually. To ensure the system is Simple, Efficient, Affordable and Safe, the COLLAPSECON system is designed to be collapsed using only two people with true stand back functionality, in less than 2 minutes. Most importantly, every container is only touched once in the process, thereby reducing the overall handling requirement. Additionally, each unit combines with no external parts, meaning that when combined, it can be treated as a single unit.

COLLAPSECON must perform like any other normal intermodal container. It is made in the same factories, from the same materials, utilising the same processes. It is designed and certified to the same CSC and ISO standards as a normal container and production requires the same level of rigorous testing. Whether in the single or combined state, rest assured that the container is able to be treated like a normal container.