Pioneering solutions for better shipping and logistics

Spectainer was born because our founder recognised that existing methods of global trade were unsustainable. Innovation was happening, but most products do not offer scalability, making it too difficult to integrate. Our innovative technologies and holistic solutions accelerate the evolution that’s needed.

Our Story

Creating innovative solutions to shipping logistics

In 2008, while serving as a logistics officer with the Australian Army, our founder Nicholas Press realised a fundamental problem with how logistics and supply chains functioned.

For several reasons – requirement imbalances, costs and safety to name a few – empty containers were accumulating quicker than they could be removed.

From the observation of this military phenomenon, COLLAPSECON was born. The first iteration of COLLAPSECON was built in Singapore in 2017.

However, simply addressing the limitations of containers wasn’t going to change the future of global trade. Innovative and practical technology was needed for COLLAPSECON to be seamlessly integrated on a global scale.

Expanding our innovation capabilities beyond collapsible containers, we created an integrated logistical suite to make the adoption of collapsible containers at scale easier for the industry.

We may not have invented the concept of collapsible containers, but we have developed the holistic solution to make them really work at an industrial scale.

Our Vision

Sustainable global trade

Our commitment is to ensure every innovative product we design has a profoundly positive impact on the environment and the clean future of global trade.

In response to mounting pressure from governments around the world, the global supply chain is investing into new environmental and sustainable solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

Spectainer’s unique COLLAPSECON holistic solution provides the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions by 40-60% across the total supply chain.

We envision a future where innovation has completely altered the core of global trade, evolving it to perform with more operational efficiently, increased savings, and significantly reduced emissions.

Our team

Board of Directors

Nicholas Press has over 15 years’ experience in logistics, operations management, and capability integration and sustainment, including an extensive military career.

Nicholas Press

Managing Director

Lindsay Phillips has been involved in private equity for over 30 years and is currently Chairman of two investment funds – Phoenix Development Fund Limited and Nightingale Partners – focused on providing patient expansion capital to family companies.

Lindsay Phillips

Non-Executive Director

Rod Gregory has over 45 years’ experience in the steel and metals related industries, including distribution, importing and manufacturing.

Rod Gregory

Non-Executive Director