Spectainer was founded to create positive change in global shipping and logistics. The belief in doing better guides all of our pursuits across our four business lines.

Our Purpose

Accelerating the evolution to better trade.

Our Vision

To be the better container company. Improving trade by providing evolved capabilities.

Our Mission

To design, develop and produce evolved, specialised containers that are better economically, better operationally and better for the environment.


Collapsible intermodal containers
Collapse and combine four empty containers into one.


Custom Projects
Container based solutions to meet individual capability needs.


Essential Containers
High-quality, specialised shipping containers to enhance operations.


Container visibility, security and intelligent insights.

Our Story

In 2008, while serving in Afghanistan as a logistics officer with the Australian Army, Spectainer’s Founder realized that there was a fundamental problem with the way in which logistics and supply chains function.

Most stores and equipment were brought in using shipping containers. However, without a return destination thousands of containers accumulated. This was caused by what was effectively the Army’s version of a net import vs export imbalance – Militaries are excellent at bringing in supplies but have far less equipment to send home.

Usually where there is a military phenomenon, there is a civilian application, so after prolonged research to understand this problem better

– COLLAPSECON was born – a Collapsible Economic shipping Container that enables four empty containers to be collapsed and combined into one.

In 2019, after identifying many areas for evolution, Spectainer expanded the scope of the company’s activities by applying its innovation capabilities beyond collapsible containers. All of Spectainer’s activities are focused around using patented technology to facilitate an evolution to better global shipping and logistics.

With a mantra of “Evolution to Better” – Spectainer is continuously pursuing better methods and better tools that have the potential to evolve the way trade functions.

Our Approach

With the foundation that all innovation should be Simple, Affordable, Efficient and Safe (SEAS), Spectainer collaborates with shipping and logistics industry stakeholders to develop integrated technology solutions to problems in the value chain now and into the future.

Our Aim

Efficiency in Operations

Developing better container solutions, we work to generate efficiencies in shipping and logistics operations.

Environmental Impact

Providing better and more sustainable solutions to reduces environmental impact.

Economic Savings

Offering better capabilities that result in economic savings.

Our Board and Management