Pioneering better trade.

As global trade increases so too does the global fleet of containers. The problem of empty containers is simply unsustainable. Spectainer is pioneering a holistic solution that combines our innovative horizontally collapsing containers with the world’s first fully automated collapsing station, plus advanced tracking and support services. Our holistic solutions accelerate the evolution that’s needed.


The time for evolution is now.

Container design has seen minimal change in 60 years, resulting in increased cost, operational inefficiency and a lack of focus on reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

Surging trade volumes, increasing port congestion/container imbalances, new ship orders and record new container production volumes increase pressure on all stakeholders to deliver on time and budget. The strain on the global supply chains has never been greater.


Introducing Spectainer’s holistic solution

See COS in action

At Spectainer, we are pioneering better trade by combining innovative container design with one-touch full automation. It’s an entirely new approach that results in meaningful cost and environmental savings, and increased productivity.

Importantly, it can be seamlessly integrated at speed and on a global scale for every stakeholder in the supply chain.


Collapse and combine four empty containers into one with our innovative and fully patented COLLAPSECON 40’ HC container. Horizontal collapse makes it a safer, stronger innovation.

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Combine and expand each COLLAPSECON unit in under two minutes with our fully automated and patented COLLAPSECON Operating Station (COS). Speed and safety like never before.

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Optimise your fleet with intelligent insights. Track and manage assets seamlessly with SEACON, our all-in-one IoT solution that comes fitted as standard to every COLLAPSECON leased.

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Holistic support functions make it simple to adopt and integrate this pioneering technology on a global, game-changing scale.

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